G1 Exam Step By Step: Know Exactly What Will Happen!

There are a number of tests that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation requires a person take to get a drivers licence.

The test will depend on both the type of licence you need and your driving status. The G1 starts you off at Level One. You can start to learn to drive cars, vans and small trucks.You will have to take a vision and knowledge test to determine whether you have a good understanding of the rules, road and traffic signs in Ontario. All road test fees have to be pre-paid before you book the G1 road test appointment. You can book a G1 road test online, at a test centre or by phone. The fee for the knowledge test is $10.00. Novice drivers can no longer book a G1 road test after their expiry date. Those applicants have to start the graduated licence process over again.

The written G1 tests for all licence classes are offered in all DriveTest centres.

There is no appointment necessary to take the written G1 test (also known as G1 knowledge test).

However, you should arrive at least 1 hour before the test centre closed to give yourself sufficient time to get your knowledge and vision test done. I was glad I went early because I had to wait in line for over 2 hours! If you are a G1 driver then you need a fully licensed driver with at least four years of driving experience to be with you at the Driver Examination Centre.

When you are arriving to take the G1 test be sure to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment in order to initiate all processing.

The examiner may stop or refuse to start the G1 test if:

The examiner will explain to you what is required of you during the road test. However, they are not allowed to coach you during the G1 test. If you have any questions then ask them before you begin.

The examiner will ask you two questions before the G1 road test:

  1. Do you need glasses or lenses for driving?
  2. Do you suffer from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, epilepsy, seizures, loss of awareness or any other medical of physical disability that could decrease your driving abilities?

You have to by law tell them the truth. If you don’t it could mean a fine/imprisonment or a licence suspension.

If you decide to book your G1 road test online be aware the if you cancel three times the system block you from booking again and you will have to contact Drive Test to book your next G1 road test appointment. Keep in mind that your scheduled appointment and G1 test time can be subject to change without any notice.

There are a few areas where you can take the G1 test in Ontario:


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